FUNSAT — Functional Skills Assessment & Training

The premier platform for assessing and training technology-based everyday tasks.

The Challenge

The ability to function and do everyday tasks is often a significant challenge for older people and people with cognitive impairments. The increasing use of technology amplifies this challenge!

The FUNSAT tool bridges the “real world functioning skills” gap between daily life, functional skills and technology.

FUNSAT can help people regain their prior functional skills or assist them with the acquisition of new functional skills such as those needed to manage emerging and existing technologies.

This takes place through a proprietary & evidence-based, functional skills assessment and training software platform, which is cloud based and can be delivered on computers (both PC and Mac) as well as on tablets (both iPads and Android).

  • life skills training
  • money management atm training

Watch how FUNSAT can help different people meet their challenges.

FUNSAT Benefits - For clinicians, researchers, and caregivers

FUNSAT Benefits

For clinicians, researchers, and caregivers

  • Assess an array of everyday/functional skills activities.
  • Utilize more diverse functional skills training and assessments
  • Complement existing standardized assessments for test takers with increased validity for trials
  • Train more people per hour in essential skills with fewer specialized staff members
  • Reach underserved populations to improve functional skills
  • Create more specific and personalized treatment plans
  • Access normative data on general and specialized populations
  • Priced to make it available to most
group using computer

FUNSAT Benefits

For corporations and

  • Access to general and customized training modules/platforms related to various skill levels for existing customer segment under-utilizing company products or new potential customers who are not comfortable with company prod./tech.
  • Access to i-Function and partner training platforms or to insource i-Function technology
  • Access to normative data on general and specialized populations with functional skills assessment and training
FUNSAT Benefits - For individuals

FUNSAT Benefits

For individuals

  • Help improve independence by advancing functional skills
  • Help reduce isolation
  • Help improve quality of life (including families)
  • Help reduce impact of financial fraud
  • Affordable
Technology is pervasive; flexibility and adaptability are required to engage in many activities of today’s digitized world. These days, performing functional tasks requires new, consistent learning and adapting to change. While many younger people who have been exposed to technology from an early age find it easy to master functional skills related to technology, those with less experience and confidence in this area often struggle to learn and master basic tech-based functional skills tasks.
Functional skill capabilities are today crucial to aging successfully and living independently. However, it can be difficult for some people to learn skills like using an ATM or a ticket kiosk, managing finances, downloading an app, getting prescriptions filled, or scheduling appointments. These challenges can interfere with their safety and well-being, medical treatments, financial health, social support, and general quality of life. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, or frustrated when trying to learn or maintain these skill levels as technology advances.
The FUNSAT tool can help improve confidence and make it easier to gain a grasp of many functional and technological skills that are used in the world every day. By using FUNSAT, users will be able to keep up with emerging technologies as they advance, thanks to their functional skills training. FUNSAT can also help people with basic entry-level functional skills abilities (available in both English and Spanish language versions) skills as needed.
The FUNSAT tool uses a cloud-based software platform (Microsoft Azure),. It’s available on both PC’s and Mac’s, as well as Android and iOS tablet devices. This provides a flexible environment for users for both functional skills assessment and training.